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A Platform for Martial Arts and Combat Sports

A knowledge, service and communication center for everyone involved in Martial Arts and Combat Sports!

The platform provides professional and qualitative support to those involved in the organization of martial arts and combat sports in Flanders and Brussels, and encourages collaboration between the various actors involved. Specific attention of the platform goes to medical and ethical issues within these sports.

More specifically, this is reflected in three major assignments:

  • The platform is a knowledge centre to extend knowledge with regard to the different aspects of martial arts and combat sports;
  • The platform is a communication centre and contact point: a centre which cooperates, informs and communicates regarding martial arts and combat sports with all sorts of stakeholders (e.g., federations, government, etc.);
  • The platform is a service and support centre for stakeholders involved in the organization or the practice of martial arts and combat sports.


The use of martial arts as a tool

What is it?

The term “martial arts as a tool” is used frequently, but what does that actually mean, using martial arts as a tool?




From theory to practice.

Martial arts can be used as a tool, in different ways and in different contexts; how do you need to imagine this? Where can you situate the gyms of your city or town?




Get to work!

Do you want to know more about the implementation of martial arts as a tool in the gyms of your city or town? Use our Tool to get started in practice.




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Martial arts as a tool
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